Review – Mae’s Cafe by Elsa Kurt @xpressotours

Book & Author Details:

Mae’s Cafe by Elsa Kurt
(Welcome To Chance, #1)
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: June 4th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Mae Cafe.jpgIn Chance, Connecticut, it’s about living the small-town life. Here everyone knows everybody’s business. Gossip and drama spreads like wildfire in this town.

But I’m happy here, content with my little café where locals come together. Even the rich wives-club have their own corner where they can sit around and swap gossip stories. Luckily, I’ve managed to stay off their radar…until a handsome writer arrives in town.

William is older, wiser, and nothing like any other man I’ve met. The attraction between us is instant, and totally unexpected.

While I try to ignore the connection we share, the entire town starts to notice. Suddenly my personal life has become the new topic of conversation.

A twenty-six-year-old falling for an older man is exactly the kind of gossip that can stir a lot of drama in Chance.

Question is, will our newfound love survive being the talk of the town?


This is another one of those books where I am in the minority.  It happens.  Not every book can hit the spot for every reader.  It would be unrealistic to expect that to be the case.  But I am always disappointed when I have to write a review on a book that I was unable to finish. That’s because if there was something about the synopsis that piqued my attention, and I haven’t been sufficiently caught up in it to enjoy it until the last page, it feels like a missed opportunity.

This is one of those books.  I was really looking forward to reading about this electric pairing of characters.  The problem?  I simply didn’t see that spark – at all.  The narrative was, for me, very bland and lacking in any tangible connection – both between me and the story, and the protagonists themselves.

Ultimately, I didn’t feel as though the story was going anywhere.  The various side characters became distracting as a result.

I’m genuinely sad to say that this wasn’t what I was hoping for – at all.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.



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About the author

Hello! I’m a multi-genre author of several books (and will probably always be writing more!) I’m also a married mom of two grown daughters, a total daydreamer, nature lover, avid gardener, flower-loving, proudly awkward as heck woman thoroughly enjoying this stage in my life.

I love to create strong female characters who don’t stay in the lines and the male characters who love them for it. I also weave the things I personally cherish into the stories. For instance, there’s a high probability that you’ll see a reference to Cary Grant (as well as others classic film stars) in my stories. Gardening, kayaking, dogs… yup, they find their way in there, too!

Writing professionally has been a lifelong dream, one that I only began to fulfill in my 40’s & I’m so grateful to my husband for his constant support and encouragement. It’s never too late to follow your passions!

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  1. Hey, not every book is for everyone. I don’t like it when I receive an ARC and don’t think much to it or DNF. I admire the way you wrote your review. On to the next book, eh?! 😉
    Flora x

    Liked by 1 person

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