New Release & Review – The Prescient (Vampire Detective Midnight #3) by J. C Andrijeski @jcandrijeski

Book & Author Details:

The Prescient (Vampire Detective Midnight #3) by J C Andrijeski
Publication date: 30th August 2019
Genres: Paranormal, Mystery, Adult

A bomb detonates in a landmark building in downtown New York, killing one of the richest and most controversial men in the city. Nick has no real leads apart from the dead man himself, and the dead man’s partner, the city’s star designer and architect, an eccentric vampire named Straven.

When Straven takes a personal interest in Nick, one that seems to go beyond his status as a Midnight, or his newfound fame on the underground boxing circuit, the NYPD encourages Nick to play along for the sake of the case. Nick gets drawn into a world of extravagant parties with some of the biggest power brokers among the city’s elite, learning more about the complex relationship between humans and vampires than he ever wanted to know.

In the process, what starts off as a simple case of a robbery gone bad, soon begins to look like something a lot worse… and with much more far-reaching consequences.

It also brings Nick far too close to the life he thought he’d left behind, as a lieutenant in the White Death, the vampire criminal underground.


OK.  So with the review of book 2, I expressed my unhappiness with the ending.  I never thought that I would have found myself rooting for Nick Tanaka to get his HEA. And, even after the events in this book, it is difficult to see how this is going to happen, particularly given his status as an individual.

So, this was a different kind of emotional wringer that I was put through.  Still hugely enjoyable, please don’t get me wrong, and actually, completely unexpected.  I thought that we would be exposed to more of the relationship stressors that have been prevalent in the other linked series. We weren’t (and that is as close to a spoiler as I am going to get), but the way this volume played out was absolutely delicious.  Yes.  Pun intended.

I can’t wait to see how this one plays out.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.



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About the author

I’m a USA Today bestselling author of sexy, apocalyptic and cyberpunk-y paranormal mystery, alternate history, urban fantasy & supernatural suspense, often with a metaphysical bent.

While it might seem like I have a (perhaps overly?) friendly relationship with my dark side, if you read my stuff, you’ll discover pretty quick that, at base and in my heart, I’m a big, sappy, pie in the sky idealist, and that I always want the light to win, love to win, the good guys to win, compassion to win, the bad guys to be redeemed or at least to find love…even if they have to crawl through mud and blood and crazy sex and betrayal and broken fingernails to get there.

Of course, not all of them make it…but I always hope that they will.

Other stuff: I have a background in journalism and political history, and a Master’s degree in the latter. I love to travel and to interact with different cultures and histories and I’ve traveled a fair bit (although never enough – there are always new places to see!).  I’ve also lived a lot of different places, including all over the United States where I was born, as well as stints in Europe, Australia and now Asia, including a few years in India and now a few in Thailand.

Currently, I live and work full-time as a writer in Bangkok, Thailand, where I have a beautiful view of a Buddhist wat right out the window while I write.

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