Review – Hell’s Hinges (A Fistful of Daggers #3) by SM Reine @smreine

Book & Author Details:
Hell’s Hinges (A Fistful of Daggers #3) by SM Reine
Published by: Red Iris Books
Publication date: 30th January 2019
Genres: Paranormal, Supernatural, Suspense

Sophie Keyes has made a mistake that might destroy the universe. The Traveler has an offer: go back in time, fix your mistake, and save the world. Easy. Except that fixing Sophie’s mistake means destroying her life, and Lincoln Marshall won’t stand to see that happen. Not if he can time travel with them to find another way.

Their attempt to jump into the past goes awry and dumps them into Reno 2006, where Elise Kavanagh is in hiding with James Faulkner. It’s a delicate moment in the timeline, and if Lincoln takes a single wrong step, he’ll change everything. He can’t go to Elise for help. He can’t speak to the woman he’s loved for years, touch her again, kiss her… Not unless he’s willing to bring the universe that much closer to destruction.

For the Godslayer, Lincoln might be willing to lose it all. For the Traveler, it might be a step too far.

War is breaking out in Reno 2006, and the consequences threaten to ripple through time–assuming that they don’t make the entire world fall apart first.

Book 3 of the A Fistful of Daggers series.


Um.  So.  How to write a review that a) does this book justice and b) is spoiler free? Heck if I know, but here goes…

I still don’t know if I like Lincoln.  His choices are … questionable.  And, in part, I think that’s because I haven’t quite wrapped my head around the nature of the relationship between him and Sophie.  Now, it’s fair to say that poor decision making abounds in this particular volume – and from some familiar characters that I thought knew better.  But.  The specific circumstances of this book’s narrative arc might account for it. Or maybe I’m just looking for justification.

This book is reminiscent of the Descent series in its style and pacing.  And when you read it, you’ll no doubt understand why.   Whatever the spin I choose to put on it, the effect of this book was like being inside a washing machine on spin whilst on a roller coaster.  I’m thoroughly shaken up.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book


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About the author

Hi everyone! My name is Sara, and I write urban fantasy and paranormal novels as SM Reine. I collect swords, cat hair, and typewriters (which I do use for writing!). It’s a good day when those three things have nothing to do with each other.

If you would like to know the instant my next book is available, you should enlist in my Army of Evil! We have a wicked cool secret handshake, but you’ll have to sign up to learn it. 😉 Check it out — Army of Evil

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