Review – Lacrimosa by Mandi Jourdan

Book & Author Details:

Lacrimosa by Mandi Jourdan
Publication date: 19th January 2019
Genres: Sci Fi; Thriller

lacromisa.jpgLila has no memory of who she is or how she ended up walking the streets of Manhattan alone in July of 2232. She only knows she is being hunted by day and haunted through the night by dreams of a man she can’t remember apart from when her subconscious self holds him at gunpoint. Still reeling from the death of his brother, Derek seeks justice. When he views footage incriminating Lila, the woman he’s come to care for perhaps too greatly, Derek knows something is very wrong. Derek’s sister Desi blames herself for Damian’s death, unable to forget how unkind she was to him at their last meeting and how she never repaid him for taking care of her after the death of their parents. In her guilt, she turns to Ravenna, a trained assassin and Damian’s fiancee, to ensure that Lila is brought to justice while Desi herself seeks comfort in her brothers’ business partner Eddie. Derek vows to find Lila before the police-and Ravenna, who is resolute that murder should be punished.


I will preface this review by commenting that I am in the minority in my view of this story.  It appears to be garnering strong reviews from others.

Unfortunately, I don’t find myself able to join them.

I had several attempts to get into this tale, but each time found it difficult to get into the story or make any type of connection to the characters.  Nevertheless, I persisted but in the end, as I was simply not enjoying the story, decided to put it down for a final time.

I found the narrative to be dry and the bouncing between the characters’ POV somewhat jarring. Furthermore, I felt like I was missing an entire backstory which I have no doubt is filled in as the story unfolds.  Unfortunately, I simply wasn’t sufficiently invested in the story to stick around and find out.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.



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About the author

Mandi Jourdan is the co-editor of Alcyonea fledgling literary magazine. Mandi is a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with a BA in English/Creative Writing. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Fiction and teaching at SIUC.

Mandi is the author of Lacrimosa (Adelaide Press), Shadows of the Mind (Aphotic Realm), The Silenced (Bloodstone Press), Immortal Dissent (Bloodstone Press), and Warhawks (Bloodstone Press).

Her prose has appeared or is forthcoming in four anthologies by Sinister Saints Press, Coming Around Again by the Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writers Group, Aphotic Realm, SciFan, QuickficBeyond Science Fiction Digital MagazineThe Colored Lens, Adelaide Magazine, Mad Scientist Journal, 9Tales from Elsewhere9Tales Told in the Dark, Nothing to Lose by Thirteen O’Clock Press, Theme of Absence, the 2015-2017 editions of Grassroots Literary Magazine, the Kaskaskia College Scroll, and others, totaling over ninety publications.

Mandi lives in Carbondale, Illinois with her cats Seraphina, Vanessa, and Leonidas. She can be found on Amazon and on Twitter (@MandiJourdan).

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