Review – The Sign of the Symean: A Fantasy Adventure Book One by R A Lindo

Book & Author Details:

The Sign of the Symean: A Fantasy Adventure Book One by R A Lindo
Publication date: July 14th 2018
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

Symean.jpgA young girl. A magical society. A dark secret.

Enter a new magical adventure …A new urban fantasy series packed with mystery, action, adventure and, above all, magic.

When twelve-year-old Kaira Renn listens in on one of her father’s secret meetings, she hears of strange things: Searings, Melackin and the words which bring quiet to the room below – The Sign of the Symean. Soon after, Kaira leaves the comfort of childhood and enters a place like no other: The Society for the Preservation of Magical Artefacts. In this secret world of wonders, Kaira learns how to use magic, conjuring spells, charms and remedies. She also begins to make links between the strange words overheard on her bedroom landing and the darkness closing in on the magical society. And soon Kaira learns the true meaning of bravery, betrayal and sacrifice.


I wanted to like this book.  No, scratch that.  I wanted to love this book.  I mean, Harry Potter was one of my favourite series, and the top line on the Amazon description is “if you like … Harry Potter … give this book a try”. High praise indeed.

And, whilst I can see what that reviewer meant, I’m afraid that for me, that comparison didn’t work.

I had a few issues with this book.  Not, I will say, with the main protagonists – they were shaping up nicely, even if their behaviour wasn’t age appropriate.

No, I’m afraid that I struggled with the bones of the story.  Firstly, the audience that this was being written for seemed to swing from High School to more adult and back.

Then there was the narrative.  For me, it seemed to jump around.  It was almost as if the author had the plot in his head, but had forgotten to commit parts of it to paper, such that different people or things were introduced out of the blue, but with an expectation of prior knowledge on the reader’s part.

It also felt that there were a lot of plot threads that the author was trying to pull together, but it felt too … busy.

Each of these on their own would have been distracting.  Put them all together, and I’m afraid this was a DNF for me.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.



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About the author

I’m based in Worcester, a smallish city in England.

Here’s hoping you find a book which grabs your interest.

If not, thanks for passing through and hopefully see you again some time.

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