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Book & Author Details:

Plaything by Terri Peterson
Publication date: August 27th 2015
Genres: Erotica, BDSM

PlaythingCyndi Lauper once said that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and Suzy agreed with that sentiment. The trouble was that she wanted the kind of fun that she couldn’t get at home, so she went looking for it elsewhere…and found it.

Bored of living her mundane life as the partner of a corporate high flyer, and the sexual frustration at home, she knew that she had to find something that would make her feel alive again. The ex-model and television game show hostess still had her good looks, despite hurtling towards her 40th birthday, and she decided to make the most of them.

She could rekindle the inner fires and satisfy her cravings for the attention she lacked at home. She would find someone to cater to her hidden desires, to take her in hand and to dominate her.

She logged onto the internet, created a profile on a BDSM website and surrendered herself, body and soul to becoming a Plaything. That was when she met Phil Bennet…a rugged, handsome, married man who became infatuated with her, totally besotted with her, wanting more from her than she was willing or able to give him.

No millionaires, no virgins, no shades of anything – simply a tale of two desperately dysfunctional people who meet through the internet and send their lives spiralling out of control.


I will start off by saying that I made it to 44% before I threw in the towel.

I don’t generally read books where infidelity is a theme.   I’m sure that this was my naivete that this theme wasn’t clear from the synopsis, but nevertheless, I wanted to mention this, as Susie is not the only one who is breaking her marriage vows.

That said, once I was aware of that, I nevertheless wanted to give this story a chance.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find either of the protagonists to be likeable.  Furthermore, the present tense of the narrative felt somewhat awkward on the page.

On their own, each of these things would not be deal breakers .  But when you take into account the fact that (for me at least) this felt more like a diary narrative than an engrossing fiction, I’m afraid that 44% was the best I could do.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.



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About the author

‘Terri’ Peterson, was born August 19th, 1969, and spent what she referred to as ‘a miserably failed experiment in tyranny’ at a typical secondary school, where she was bullied relentlessly and made fun of.

She left with no regrets, a handful of qualifications for a career in banking, and bitter memories of time spent being the object of ridicule by her peers.
Being myopic, gauche, skinny and flat-chested, sporting a head of rich auburn hair, made her a daily target for abuse, which she escaped by becoming immersed in the fantasy world of writing short stories.

In 1987, she met and married, Simon Peterson and, in 1989 gave birth to her first daughter, Veronica. Erin, her second, followed in 1991, forcing her to put her career on hold and concentrate on being a full time mother.

Juggling a workload around earning money to keep a roof over their heads, she put together the semi-autobiographical story of a woman whose life mimicked that of her own.

The character Suzy Pym was born and a first novel, ‘Plaything’ written.

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