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Book & Author Details:

Beast by Sky Corgan
Publication date: December 29th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


I kill people for a living. If they’re lucky, I only have to rough them up. It’s rare they’re lucky.

I know I work for a tyrant. Anyone who has the misfortune of getting on George Lynch’s bad side should know their days are numbered. I’m the gun in his holster, the one he draws to take care of ‘problems.’ The one he uses so he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty.

George saved me from a life of crime that would have landed me in jail. Now I commit even worse crimes that would earn me the death penalty if I ever got caught. George has me under his thumb. I guess we’re both lucky that I never get tired of killing.

That’s why I don’t understand why he assigned me this little project. Kidnap a girl and keep her locked away in one of his houses with all the creature comforts like some pampered pet.

The job was supposed to be easy. Kendall was supposed to be a submissive little mouse. I thought she would obey my every command.

I was wrong.

Now I’m caught up in something that could cost me everything. Having to choose between love and my very life. Is it even worth it? Because who could ever love a beast?



I crawl to the side of his mattress, lifting the edge of the pillow with my fingertips and trying to peek under it. As if sensing me, he rolls over. My breath stills, my eyes going wide waiting for him to wake up and notice me. He doesn’t. He simply flips onto his back and starts snoring, his head edging closer to where I’m crouched down, keeping me from lifting the pillow further.

I stay like a statue for several seconds and then exhale in a whoosh when I realize I haven’t woken him, my entire body relaxing. While I didn’t see if there was a gun under the pillow, I did accomplish something else.

My eyes trail down his body to his pocket, now perfectly accessible. I scoot over a bit so that I can get to it more easily, my hands hesitantly moving towards his pants. It would be best if I carefully pried the pocket open before reaching into it. That way I can pull the keys out without them catching on the material and tugging. Hopefully, he won’t feel a thing.

I touch the thick material of Beast’s jeans and slowly start to curl my fingers into his pocket. Before I even know what’s going on, I’m flung onto my back, the wind knocked out of me, a hard body on top of mine. My wrists are being pressed into the bed. I open my eyes into glimmering darkness, a look so feral it causes a tremor of fear to race through me. My lips tremble as I gaze up into Beast’s angry expression. My God, does he ever look hot. I try to stifle the inner shuddering that’s reaching my core. I should be afraid, but instead, I’m aroused. I’ve had fantasies about things like this before—dark yearnings I’d never tell anyone.

“What are you doing?” His voice is just as rough as he is. All rugged and masculine and sexy. I thought it was sexy the first time I heard it. But it didn’t do things to me like it is now.

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About the author

Sky Corgan is a USA Today Best-Selling author. When she’s not typing away at the next steamy romance series, she’s busy planning for future vacations.

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