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The Darkest Hour
by S.M. Soto
(The San Diegan Series #1)
Publication date: October 17th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

SThe Darkest Hour.jpgynopsis:

Aliza Anderson’s whole world imploded three years ago, in a devastating accident that took her entire family. Her life is now filled with the lingering pain and tearful memories that continue to haunt her day and night. She’s merely existing. Barely living. Barely breathing. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, her carefully reconstructed world starts to crumble around her yet again when she’s fired from her job. She picks up her semblance of a life and leaves a small town in Pennsylvania that holds nothing but painful memories and the excruciating weight of guilt for her past transgressions. With her pain like a black shadow lulling her into the darkness she finds herself more vulnerable than ever in a new city across the coast. San Diego, California.

In one of the most desirable cities in the world, she crossed paths with a man whose intensity frightened her and blue eyes captivated her. The alluring stranger was none other than the handsome, well- known playboy, Chase Roland. He’s irresistibly charming, and intensely domineering. Aliza doesn’t want to feel. She can’t. It’s safer that way. Aliza’s already imperfect world is turned upside down when she finds herself drawn to Chase forcing her to reopen old wounds that haven’t properly healed. Through her chink of armor, Chase Roland finds a way into her cold heart, rekindling her ability to open up and love again. Soon enough, Aliza realizes she’s not the only one broken; hiding a past filled with guilt and secrets.

As Aliza struggles with her unrecognizable feelings for the womanizing stranger and the suffering darkness she fights to escape on a day to day basis she’s left with a life altering choice: Does she continue living in the past or does she take a leap of faith and leave her dark past behind her?

One thing about running from the secrets of your past…they always catch up and find you.

This story is heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time.  Yes, he’s put it about a bit.  Yes, they are made for each other.  Yes, it’s a well used trope.  But this story is crafted in such a wonderfully deft manner that I didn’t care.

Wait.  That’s not true.  I DID care.  I cared about these characters, about their challenges, about their interactions.  I cared about the story.

But this is more than just a story about a boy and a girl.  The supporting cast add a lot of colour to the narrative.  I’m really looking forward to reading their stories.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.



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About the author

To start, my name is Selena Monique Soto, and I’m currently writing under the pseudonym S.M. Soto.

I was born and raised in Stockton, California, where I currently reside. I am a newly published author with Solstice Publishing. My novel The Darkest Hour will be released later this year.

Since I can remember I’ve always had a deep-seated love for reading and writing. It pretty much started with my mom, she was a big reader way back when. One day I stumbled upon a box of V.C. Andrews books, and it’s pretty much all history from there. I was probably only in the fifth or sixth grade when I actually started reading her books, and I fell completely in Love.

The characters, the plots, and the complexity of her stories were intriguing, and I often found myself rushing to read the next novel in the long line of her books.

I found myself drawn to any kind of romances and as I got older, I had a new found love for erotic romance, and dark romances (call me sick or twisted but its the truth).

As for writing, when I was younger I would write short stories or fan-fiction on some of my favorite books – You know, things I wanted to see more of, or how I wished a certain story would end.

I guess that’s where it all sort of began for me. One day I just started putting my ideas down on paper and creating these stories, and characters. It was essentially my turn to put them through these trials, and see how they weathered whatever storm they were given. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, most of the books I read and write are in the romance genre.

On top of being a lover of all things romance, I’ve always loved makeup, and I usually buy more than my wallet can handle. I’m big on fitness and clean eating, that’s mainly because I have an unhealthy addiction to chocolate and donuts. I love connecting with readers, other authors, and bloggers, so feel free to chat with me anytime! I look forward to connecting with you all.

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