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Book & Author Details:

First Semester by Sarah Fischer
Publication date: April 4th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance

First Semester.jpgViolet Carrington is a freshman at Elton Hall University, but she’s about to get more than just her degree…

Throwing herself into the insanity of college life, Violet makes new friends and even catches the eye of a handsome guy. Everything is as it should be, until one night out she crosses paths with a mysterious, sinfully attractive man. Not only does he manage to ignite a burning desire deep inside her, he also happens to be her new, off-limits college professor.

Professor David Berneli is only visiting Elton Hall, but a lot can happen in a year…

Everyone knows any personal relationship between professor and student is strictly prohibited. But somewhere in between lectures and after school events, Violet manages to dazzle him. She not only challenges David at every turn, but also tempts his every desire. No matter how hard they try to ignore the crackle of sexual tension between them, a few furtive glances quickly turn into clandestine meetings in his office.

By giving in to temptation, Violet and David fall deeper down the rabbit hole…

As the semester ticks on, Violet begins to question not only the whirlwind affair that threatens to consume them both, but David’s desires as well. If he’s not willing to risk everything for her, she’ll have no choice but to leave the comfort of his arms without looking back.

Before any decision can be made, a looming threat comes out of the shadows, putting her and the passionate relationship she has with her professor in danger.

Now Violet must fight for her own life, and for the one she wants to spend it with…


Critical reviews are difficult to write, and that is particularly the case when one is reviewing a debut novel.

I will start with the positive, and that is that the basic premise of this book isn’t bad and, on the whole, I understood what the author was trying to achieve.   However, for me, the author’s lack of experience showed, and the story suffered as a result.

The conversations between the characters alternated between having a natural cadence and then lapsing back into more stilted and awkward language, due a lack of contraction use.

And the interactions themselves were also quite varied in the success of how they were described.  Sometimes it was very difficult to see Violet as a college student, because her outlook was often very young, and just at odds with other aspects of her character and approach.

I struggled with similar issues for David’s character as well.  At times, his behaviour felt to me to be borderline juvenile, whilst at other points, there was a clear gap in their respective maturity levels.

Ultimately, this was let down by the execution, and just bounced around a bit too much to be a truly enjoyable read.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.



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About the author

Always the avid reader, Sarah Fischer found it frustrating that there were so few books following the struggles and joys that a typical college student faces. While recovering from surgery, she decided to write one. Elton Hall Chronicles: First Semester is based on real events that happened to Sarah and her friends over the years.

When she isn’t unveiling long held secrets or working as a government drone, Sarah likes to go to the movies with her husband and spend time with her two furbabies.

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