Review – One S’more Summer by Beth Merlin @bethmerlin80 @inkythemonster

Book & Author Details:

One S’more Summer by Beth Merlin
Publication date: May 30th 2017
Genres: Women’s fiction, Humour

One S'More.jpgSince that first bus ride to Camp Chinooka twenty long years ago, Gigi Goldstein has been pining for her best friend’s guy. She knows her crush is wrong and has to stop, but her heart won’t listen to reason. To escape the agony of their impending wedding, Gigi accepts a summer job at the only place she’s ever been happy.

But working at Chinooka isn’t all campfire songs and toasting marshmallows. Gigi’s girls are determined to make her look bad in front of the boys’ Head Counselor—the sexy but infuriating Perry—and every inch of the campground is laced with memories.

When Gigi realizes she can’t fix the present by hiding in the past, she’s forced to reexamine her choices. Maybe everything she thought she wanted wasn’t what she actually needed… But if she can get her act together, Gigi might have one last shot at the summer love of her dreams.


As debut novels go, this isn’t bad.  And before you wonder why it seems as though this is a little “meh”, I’ll explain why I’m less effusive.

I am not a fan of books where cheating is an underlying theme.  I picked this book because whilst it skirts around the edge of that, it never quite fully morphs into a full blown issue.

That aside, and despite never having been to a camp such as this myself,  I thought that the author managed to capture the teen/adult interactions pretty well, to set the backdrop for this story.

Overall, this really was a pretty drama free read.  And in the context of the narrative, that worked.  The relationship between Perry and Gigi was laced with humour and sarcasm thoughout, and it was fun to watch their interactions develop from animosity to something more.

I think that if you’re looking for a light distraction then this will work. If you want something more complex, then I’m not sure that this is the right book for you.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.



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About the author

Beth is a native New Yorker who loves rom-coms, Broadway, and a good maxi dress. She was introduced to her husband through a friend she met at sleepaway camp and considers the eight summers she spent there to be the most formative of her life. One S’more Summer is Beth’s debut novel.

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