Review – Two Wrongs by Donna Alam @word_hoor

Title: Two Wrongs
Author: Donna Alam
Genre: Erotic Romance
Expected Publication: April 3rd 2017

Two Wrongs.jpgWhen Ivy Adams is summoned back to LA by her secret husband, it’s for the purpose of revenge, not a second chance. Estranged as long as they’ve been married, Ivy’s never told anyone she even has a husband, let alone he’s the Scots born movie star, Dylan Duffy.

Yeah, that Dylan Duffy. The sexy-as-sin bad-boy. The man whose rumbling accent has half the world’s panties damp.

But Ivy isn’t the only one keeping secrets, and screwing half of Hollywood hasn’t sated Dylan’s need for revenge. He’s hellbent on making Ivy pay for her mistakes in the most despicable way he can.

Two wrongs don’t make the pair even, but can they ever make their marriage right?


I said that I thought that One Hot Scot (the first in this series) was the author’s best book yet.  And, at the time, I was right.  This one, however, might just edge it out.

This book picks up at the point in One Hot Scot when Ivy gets called back to the USA.  Her secret is told through this story.  and what a story.  If you can get past the issue that a bit of honest communication would have obviated the whole conflict, then you will, I think, find a a lot of enjoyment in this.

Once again, the author has created characters with depth.  Told from a dual POV, the hurt  and confusion felt by Dylan are the driver for his actions, however twisted they may be.  And a lot of the time, I wasn’t his biggest fan.  I thought he was a real douche, but Ivy wasn’t completely innocent either.  And their interactions had real sparks.

Another frustrating relationship.  But the end justified the means.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.



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About the author

Donna Alam writes about exotic locations and the men you aren’t married to, but wish you were. Escapism reads with heart and humour and, of course, plenty of steam.

Hailing from the North of England, she’s a nomad at heart moving houses and continents more times than she cares to recall. She once worked at a school like the one described in her Pretty Trilogy. Alas, there were no handsome male protagonists hanging around there.

An Eclectic reader and part-time perv, she’s a huge fan of smart men, as well as protagonists with a fair measure of inappropriateness.

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