Review – The Opposition by Alicia Bryant

Book & Author Details:

The Opposition by Alicia Bryant
Publication date: November 18th 2016
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

The Opposition.jpgSophia Grant has worked hard to establish herself as an associate at a big law firm, and she strives to be cautious and level-headed. So the last thing she expected was to find herself falling for her opposing counsel on a case. Worse, the outcome of the case decides the trajectory of her best friend’s life.

It all starts when Sophia finds her best friend Michael waiting in her office one day, bearing unexpected news: his company is suing him for leaking trade secrets to another company, an infraction he swears he didn’t commit. When Sophia agrees to represent him, she meets Sam, the opposing counsel on the case, with whom she strikes up an unexpected and invigorating friendship. As Sophia struggles to untangle the legal case, keep the partners at her firm happy, and protect her friendship with Michael, can she keep her growing closeness with Sam from getting in the way?


You know what I enjoyed most about this book?  I like that the author (this is her debut by the way) didn’t follow the easy route of lawyer romance cliches.  No legal briefs flung from the desk onto the floor for a quickie on the desk in the corner office.  Instead, we are presented with a strong female protagonist, who is still able to do her job – even as she deals with her attraction to the opposing lawyer.

I confess that my own background in the law was one of the reasons why I decided to review this story.  I was not disappointed with the tale that unfolded.  It is gratifying that the plot wasn’t sacrificed for the romance or vice versa.  This was, I thought, very well balanced.

A promising debut.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.



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