New Release & Review – Voiceless by Robert J Crane & Nicholas J Ambrose @robertjcrane @hive_NJAmbrose

Book & Author Details:
Voiceless (The Shattered Dome #1)
by Robert J Crane & Nicholas J Ambrose
Publication date: February 25th 2017
Genres: Sci Fi, Post Apocalyptic, Space Opera

voicelessAfter a lifetime embroiled in the turmoil swirling throughout Hesperus, an isolated dome on the brink of collapse, Hannah Wright is thrust into the conflict first-hand when a farmer torches the dome’s latest harvest.

Desperate to mend things, she comes across the Voice. Run by Cadence Walker, a city-dweller who has watched the government steadily turn its back on the impoverished at the dome’s edge, the organization vows to unite the dome.

But as a wave of violent attacks erupt throughout Hesperus, tensions rise along with the brutality – and unity may be further away than ever.


This is not my usual fare – not at all.  Post-apocalyptic space opera?  Not usually my thing.

But.  When two of your must read authors collaborate on a story, there was not a chance that I wouldn’t read it.

So, to the book.  Is it any good?  Actually, yes.  The backdrop to the story might be unfamiliar, but the issues it touches upon are not.  It is, I believe, a mark of the strength of the narrative that, despite the strangeness of the setting, the reader can still easily make a connection to Hannah; to the obstacles she and others around her face; to the oppression they struggle against and perhaps, to the (sometimes questionable) decisions she makes in an attempt to find her way through her days.

Yet this is not just the story of one girl’s struggles. The villains of the piece are not necessarily the ones who protest the loudest.  Sometimes, they are the ones who whisper sedition in others’ ears. And the lengths they go to is perhaps the most disturbing part of this story.

I look forward to seeing where the authors take us with this one.


I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader copy of this book.



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