Review – Once More With Feeling by Jackie Smith @wordslingerpub

Book & Author Details:

Once More With Feeling by Jackie Smith
Publication date: November 19th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

once-more-feelingTwo people meet in a seedy country-western watering -hole called the “Giddiup.” One is a young widow named Emma-Lou who feels responsible for the death of her family. The other is a young college-educated rancher named Jonas, who is without family except for a surrogate father who lives on a neighboring ranch.

It is an odd trilogy of characters sharing only one common thread… their love of books. When Jonas begins to realize the “almost” in his seemingly “almost perfect” life may well be this confused and lost young woman, his life forever changes.



I found the title of this book to be kind of ironic really, given the somewhat clinical and dispassionate telling of the story of this relationship.  I’m afraid that I had no connection at all with either of the characters.

There is a line in the story which I think fits: “(the) worst comment a reader can make about a book; being constantly aware that you are reading a book”.  That summed up my experience with this tale I’m afraid.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.



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About the author

Jackie Smith is Professor, Department of Sociology at the University of Pittsburg. She is also the editor of “Journal of World-Systems Research“. Smith s most recent books include “Social Movements in the World-System: The Politics of Crisis and Transformation,” with Dawn Wiest; “Handbook on World Social Forum Activism,” co-edited with Scott Byrd, Ellen Reese, & Elizabeth Smythe; “Globalization, Social Movements and Peacebuilding,” co-edited with Ernesto Verdeja, and “Social Movements for Global Democracy” (2008).


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