Review – Reignite the Fire Series by Amie Saskatchewan

Book & Author Details:

Reignite The Fire series  by Amie Saskatchewan
Genres: Adult, BDSM, Erotic


Reignite1.jpgBook 1

Title: New Beginnings

A romantic getaway is exactly what Ashleigh and Cal need to reignite the fire that left their marriage. But how brightly will the flames burn when they are invited to the cabin by the cryptic Matthew and his obedient Bella?

The first book in the ‘Re-ignite the Fire’ series, a story of love, lust and exploring new sensations. An adventure into domination and bondage might be just the unexpected spark this couple needs to burn with passion again.

This book explores the lives of Ashley and Cal, a couple who are struggling with the pressures of a modern day marriage.  Their camping trip quickly turns in to far more than they could have imagined.  The story explores the willingness to try new things when taken away from the structures and conventions of normal life.  It acts as an introduction to the series, the cabin and four of the main recurring characters who are becoming the backbone of the series.

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Reignite2.jpgBook 2

Title: A Perfect Gift

The second book in the ‘Re-ignite the Fire’ series. After their time in the cabin, Ashleigh and Cal are struggling to come to terms with the intense night of passion, pleasure and pain. What can they take with them to keep their fire burning? Can they make this life of domination and extreme sex work, or will they remain unfulfilled? A perfect gift and a visit from a guest adds fuel to the fire as Ashleigh and Cal enter new territories in their sexual exploration.

This book explores the importance of individuality, uniqueness and partnership in a successful expansion of sexual horizons, while understanding that imitation isn’t necessarily the answer to every problem encountered along the way.  It aims to explore the human element of bondage and domination, particularly the roles people feel they should fulfil in a relationship, and those that they end up fitting into best.


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Reignite3.jpgBook 3

Title: Gifts Entwined

The third book of the ‘Re-ignite the Fire’ series. Exploring the lives and back-story of the mysterious Matthew and submissive Bella.

Matthew suffers a crisis of confidence. Has his journey with Bella reached the end of the road, or from the embers can a new fire be ignited? Follow Matthew as he explores his deep-rooted fears and deviance, trying to quell the insatiable hunger dwelling inside. Perhaps some old friends can stoke the flames of his subduing dominance.

This book explores the conflict between BDSM and living a ‘normal’ life in the eyes of society.  It explores this external conflict, as well as the internal conflict of inflicting pain on a loved one in a relationship.

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These books are very short, and together make up the story, so my review is based on the complete trilogy, because my comments apply across the three books.

The strength of these novellas is in the description of the erotic scenes: they are detailed, explicit and hot.  Where they fall down a little is in the story telling.  I found the overall story to be a little clichéd, and lacking in character connection with me as a reader.  This disconnect meant that, although I found elements of the story to be technically competent, the story overall missed the mark for me.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of these books.



About the author

Amie Saskatchewan grew up an only child in a rural village, in one of only 5 houses in walking distance. Writing provided the outlet to vent her frustrations at the loneliness and boredom associated with being the only person her age in the area. The lease of life provided by the internet spurred an interest in self-publishing her short stories and books.

Amie has tried her hand at several genres, focusing primarily on erotica for her public releases, with stories based loosely on her experiences since moving away. She penned the run of ‘Re-igniting the Fire’ books with the aim of showing that there is no one character that represents her, rather a little of them all exists in everyone. She has plans for two further trilogies in the series, maintaining her trademark links and homages to previous books in the series throughout.

Aside from ‘Re-igniting the Fire’, Amie is exploring other genres outside of erotica in the hope her descriptive and perceptive style of writing can provide a similar level of reader-engagement as that provided by her erotic novels.

A city-living, countryside-lover, with a penchant for satisfying readers, Amie looks forward to penning further stories based on her experiences.

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