Review – Between Heaven and Earth by T. J. Rudolph

Book & Author Details:

Between Heaven and Earth by T. J. Rudolph
Publication date: June 20th 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Romance

Between Heaven.jpgDamascus Knowles knows that he is heading for trouble the day he falls in love with a human teenager, Amelia Donovan.

As an angel sent to earth as a watchman to protect it from fallen, evil angels; he had broken the most cardinal law – falling in love. His failed attempts to stay away from her, leads to her finding out what he is, which puts Amelia’s life in danger.

After a brief time together, Damascus’s fears come to pass when higher ranking angels find out what he has done and remove him from the earth without so much as a goodbye; leaving Amelia distraught.

Months later Amelia is seized by one of the rebel angels, who also happen to be Damascus’s former brother Demetrius. This is a deliberate move by Demetrius to draw Damascus out and he is forced to return to the earth. When Damascus is back on earth he receives word from his brother who challenges him to a duel. The stakes, being Amelia’s life, starts a great war between Heaven and Earth.

Damascus and Amelia’s story will continue in the second book of the series, titled “Between Angels”. Coming soon!


I’m going to start with the positive.  The overall premise for this story isn’t bad.  Not completely original, but not bad.  And, there were some decent aspects of well observed character interactions.

Unfortunately, the inexperience of the author was apparent in the writing.  This was not, for me at least, an escape into an alternative reality.  Rather, this was a somewhat naive narrative.  If there was a seemingly unsurmountable problem to face, the resultion was to provide a handy angelic power to resolve the whole thing.

I didn’t feel any real threat from the bad guys, and I’m afraid that I simply didn’t find the relationship with Damascus and Amilia to be particularly believable.

A decent story idea, but for me at least, I don’t think that the execution was quite up to it.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.




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