Review – Sacrificed by Nykki Mills @nykkiwho

Book & Author Details:

Sacrificed by Nykki Mills
Publication date: January 18th 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult, Horror

sacrificed.jpgSixteen year old Kass Stathos has it all…

She’s pretty they say. She’s popular they say. She has doting parents. Her boyfriend is the star quarterback. Her high school experience should be picture perfect…
There’s just one thing missing…Her ability to feel fear.

For as long as Kass can remember she’s never felt the sensation of fear—At least that was true until the little girl showed up. No one else sees her. She wants to show Kass things, disturbing things, and she won’t stop until she does. Kass’ perfect life starts to crumble around her.

Until someone long forgotten crashes back into her life.

Ian was sent away after his mother’s tragic suicide. He’s the only one who believes Kass’ wild stories and he’s always there when she needs him. But could there be more to Ian’s return than what he’s sharing?

When the haunting turns violent Kass knows she’s running out of time.

In the search for figure out who the girl is, and how she’s connected to her, Kass uncovers secrets she could have never been prepared for. Secrets hidden behind the mirage of a perfect life.

Secrets that could shatter everything she has ever known…


This story has a decent fear quotient.  There is the expected teenage angst, boyfriend issues, and general relationship dramas that are the centre of every teen’s world.  We’ve all been there.  We all know how all encompassing it is at that age.

But then, there is the twist.  And what a twist.  The paranormal horror element grows steadily throughout the tale until its ultimate climax.  It fits seamlessly into the narrative and adds a spooky depth to the tale.

The characters felt realistic to me, and their actions, on the whole, age appropriate, as were their interactions with each other.

This is a fast paced story which drew me in from the outset.  An enjoyable change of pace for me.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.



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About the author

Nykki was born and raised (mostly) in a cow town in Tulare county, CA. She moved with her mother to UT at 16. This is where she met her future husband and father to their three adorable children. They now live in the beautiful state of MT, exploring the wilderness one weekend at a time.

Growing up her nose was always in a book, having read nearly every VC. Andrews book by the age of twelve. It wasn’t until 2011 that she discovered her passion for writing. Her debut novel SACRIFICED is available now on Amazon! It is a YA paranormal with horror elements. She also writes fantasy, sometimes with a little sci-fi elements spun through.

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