New Release & Review – Things That Shine by Bria Quinlan & Heidi Hutchinson @briaquinlan @chosenbyfaith


Things That Shine by Bria Quinlan & Heidi Hutchinson
Publication date: October 6th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Things that shine.jpgBrew Ha Ha barista, Emily Tavest, hasn’t had it easy. But that doesn’t stop her from believing the best about everything—except guys. Guys should just stay over there… in that corner …away from her relationship-free zone. Everything will be fine if Love does not come to town.

Guitar tech, Sage McNabb, has spent the last year on the road with Double Blind Study. Now, learning how to live in the same place every day, Sage has gotten addicted to more than just the coffee at The Brew.

Emily’s walls are more electric than stage pyrotechnics, but Sage is a guy who knows a battle worth fighting.

THINGS THAT SHINE is a standalone crossover novel based on the worlds of The Brew Ha Ha (Bria Quinlan) and Double Blind Study (Heidi Hutchinson).



The day I heard that two of my favourite authors were collaborating on a story together was a good day.  A very good day.  But then I fretted.  Would the characters be as strong, or would the mash up dilute them somehow?

Let me start by saying that there is a lot to love about this book.  From the cover, to the new characters and some familiar faces, in a lot of ways this book is like coming home. The established characters are like family.  Abby with her sarcasm; Zelda with her fandoms and don’t get me started with the DBS boys.

Set against that background of awesome are Emily and Sage. Each has a very distinct voice, as you would expect.  I particularly liked the switch between first and third person narrative. It highlighted the change from one point of view to the other and also underlined the differing author styles.

The authors’ respective styles complemented each other well – and their chapters wove a story around each other like a wonderful ballet of words.

However.  I do have one niggle.  I understand that a pressure point is needed. I expected it. On this occasion however, I found it jarring and inconsistent with the behaviour I had become accustomed to from this particular character. And, if I’m completely and brutally honest, it detracted from my enjoyment of the overall story.

But the way in which Emily and Sage navigate the rest of their saga is written with heartfelt and achingly lovely emotion, and it restored some of my love for the story.

So, not withstanding my issue with their relationship, if you are a fan of either author (or both of them), then this is a must read.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.



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About the author

Bria.jpgIt didn’t surprise anyone when Bria Quinlan started writing YA Rom Coms… after all, her life is a walking sitcom (minus the commercials). Plus, secretly she’s still 16 (although her license says something different). Finally putting those English Literature and Creative Writing degrees and Copy Editing cert to work, Bria’s excited to get her quirky stories on the page to share with the world (or at least a segment of it).

She’s represented by the awesomely amazing Lauren Macleod of the Clan…. Oh, wait. Of Strothman Agency.

Bria writes Romantic Comedies for teens that take hard topics and make you laugh through your tears. You can contact her at OR twitter @briaquinlan

A proud Golden Heart Finalist, she’s focusing on writing stories that make you laugh, make you cry and remind you that life is an adventure not to be ignored.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


HeidiHutchinson_AuthorPicHeidi Hutchinson was born in South Dakota and raised the exact right distance away from the Black Hills. She had an overactive imagination very early on, and wasted no time in getting most of her friends in trouble due to her unrealistic and completely ridiculous ideas. Seeing as she was so lazy and also afraid people would think she was bonkers, she didn’t write down any of the story lines that played out in her daydreams.

During her high school years, she took pen to paper and filled more notebooks than she is proud of with angsty, depressing, self-deprecating poetry. This led to her writing down more things: notes, ideas, character bios, plot twists that had no plot yet to twist. After years of cleaning up her own scraps of imagination with nothing solid to hold on to, she sat down and wrote the story that had been in her head the longest. Fueled by coffee and her unwavering and perfectly normal devotion to Dave Grohl, she discovered a writer living inside of her.

She still lives in the Midwest, though not as close to the Black Hills as she would prefer, with her alarmingly handsome husband and their fearless child. They eat more pizza than God intended and she listens to her music the same way she lives: loudly.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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