New Release & Review – Legend (Sanctuary #8) by Robert J Crane @robertjcrane


Book & Author Details:
Legend (Sanctuary #8) by Robert J Crane
Publication date: September 11th 2016
Genres: Fantasy

legend“Are you ready to go home?”

Over the course of eight years, Cyrus Davidon has become the greatest warrior in Arkaria. He has fought and beaten armies, dragons, monsters and gods. He’s been elected to lead the greatest guild in the land – Sanctuary – and watched that guild fall at the hands of his enemies.

For the God of War, Bellarum, has aims beyond the understanding of mortals, and the deity is moving his dark hand across the lands that Cyrus has pledged to defend. In order to stop him, Cyrus will have to fight with everything he has, every friend he has made, every ally that remains to him, and only one question will linger…

…Who will survive?


I thought that the last book was a monster.  This one dwarves it (no pun intended), weighing in at a meaty 761 kindle pages, according to Amazon.

I didn’t know what to expect.  I fully expected Crane to do justice to the conclusion of the series, but I didn’t know just HOW he would do that.  And the answer is, with great style and the clever use of a dual POV, told in alternate third and first person narrative voices.  The result is very effective.

What I found most impressive however, is the way that the dangling threads from the previous volumes have been pulled together and tied up.  Those niggling questions? Answered.  Revelations, which you may not even have known were hiding in the shadows.

Robert Crane is an accomplished author. Book 1 was released in 2011. I first came across this series in 2013.   And I’m picky about my fantasy fiction.  As a younger reader, I was exposed to the worlds created by Eddings, C S Lewis, Pratchett, and Tolkien. I know what I like.  I know what I expect. This series delivers.  Boy, does it deliver.

The connection with these characters and the investment in their destinies is one you don’t often get.  I recall feeling it particularly with The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter series. The sense of loss when a character dies.  The satisfaction when the hero prevails.  The very real sense that you know these characters; that you will miss them when they’re gone.

I have read a great many books that I have given 5 stars.  This though?  It’s really up there with what I would consider to be one of my very favourite books. A fabulous climax to the series, with a little something to pique the readers’ interest for the future…



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About the author

RJCRobert J. Crane was born and raised on Florida’s Space Coast before moving to the upper midwest in search of cooler climates and more palatable beer. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in English Creative Writing. He worked for a year as a substitute teacher and worked in the financial services field for seven years while writing in his spare time.

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