Review – A Dream of Ashes by Orlando A. Sanchez @AuthorOSanchez @wordslingerpub


A Dream of Ashes by Orlando A. Sanchez
(Chronicles of the Modern Mystics, #1)
Published by: OM Publishing
Publication date: April 27th 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy

Dream of AshesMystics. Magic. Murder.

A Rogue Mystic.A Ruthless Killer. A Dark Secret. Ava James is a fire mystic with the Mystic Investigative Division. As a branch of the Enclave, a worldwide mystic organization, the MID is feared, respected and reviled. When the half-charred body of a Mystic is found, the Enclave sends her to investigate the strange death. Ava finds that all the clues point to the killer being a fire mystic, one of her own. Accused by the Enclave of working with the killer she must solve the case before a secret buried in her past is revealed and destroys her world. Can she save herself? Will she find the murderer?


Right.  I’m going to get my major niggle about this book out of the way right now.  Although this book says it is number 1 in the series, there is a prequel.  And, given that I felt that I had missed out on some world building when I started to read, I would suggest that you read the prequel before reading this book.

That said, this story certainly packs a punch.  Action packed from the very beginning, this story arc has betrayal, misdirection, and suspense. But it also has the counterpoint of a young woman testing her strengths, learning to trust and discovering the bonds of friendship and family.  And put together, it all worked really well to create a fast paced, engrossing tale.

I am interested to see what the rest of the series brings.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



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About the author

Orlando Sanchez has been writing ever since his teens when he was immersed in creating scenarios for playing Dungeon and Dragons with his friends every weekend. An avid reader, his influences are too numerous to list here. Some of the most prominent are: J.R.R. Tolkien, Jim Butcher, Kat Richardson, Terry Brooks, Piers Anthony, Lee Child, George Lucas, Andrew Vachss, and Barry Eisler to name a few in no particular order. The worlds of his books are urban settings with a twist of the paranormal lurking just behind the scenes and generous doses of magic, martial arts, and mayhem.

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