Review – Scattered Thoughts by H D Kelley @hdkelley


Scattered Thoughts by H D Kelley
Publication date:March 19th 2016
Genres: Erotic, Romantic Suspense

scattered thoughts.jpgIsabella James is an Issues and Reputation Manager who has earned success solving problems… other people’s problems. Then a package arrives that changes everything. Izzy comes face-to-face with her biggest issue yet-Spencer, her husband of nineteen years, is having an affair. The stress of Spencer’s betrayal proves too much and manifests itself in the form of nightmares. At least Izzy thinks they’re nightmares.

The once controlled Isabella James’ life is unraveling. When she meets her newest client, Alec Payne, their relationship quickly crosses the bounds of professionalism and Izzy finds herself in an all-out battle for control over her life, her body, and her heart.


When the author approached me with a request to read and review this and the second book in the series, I explained to her that I wasn’t a massive fan of books where one of the main characters cheats to this degree.

However.  This book is not about Spencer and his affair, but rather the astonishing consequences thereof.  And it’s an enjoyable read for the most part – a little far fetched at times and perhaps a little too much too-ing and fro-ing by Isabella.

There are real moments of suspense, interspersed with the sizzle of the relationship between Izzy and Alec.  And these are set against a background of a failed marriage and the adults’ attempt to deal with that whilst still remaining strong for the children. It was, for me, those elements of the story where the hint of realism edged in, and thus, made this story more rounded than it would otherwise have been.

Overall, a decent read.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



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About the author

Growing up in a secluded mountain town where creative outlets were sparse, books quickly became a passion for Holly Dawn. When she ran out of books to read at her school library she decided to write her own. From the moment she finished her first short story she knew writing was what she wanted to do.

HD Kelley resides in Florida with her husband, two kids, and their Vizsla rescue.

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