Review – Rush by Megan Matthews @AuthMegMatthews


Rush by Megan Matthews
Publication date: March 7th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Romantic Comedy

Rush.jpgThings are heating up in San Francisco for Aspen Adams this summer.

Fresh out of graduate school, she’s starting the next chapter of her life. In a brand new city, with an amazing apartment and a great new job, everything is under control.

No Problem…right?

All she needs to do is not break any of the ridiculous rules in her lease agreement, help get her best friend through some nasty relationship drama, and stick to her plan…no relationships for at least a year. Easy. Or at least it would be if she could figure out why her heart skips a beat every time she sees her hot new neighbor.

Handsome, funny and always around right when she needs him, the guy next door is like a knight in shining armor. And the tousled hair and sexy glasses don’t hurt either. But while Finn seems like the perfect man, Aspen can’t help but wonder if he’s too good to be true.

When it really counts… can she count on him? Or is Finn using his good guy image to hide the truth?

Rush is a first in a new exciting romantic comedy series with a HEA.

Warning: Rush contains sexually explicit scenes and harsh language. Reader discretion is advised. 18+


You know, there is a lot to like, maybe even love, about this book.  The main character interactions.  The side characters.  The slightly nerdy humour.

The author has really created an environment which drew me in and kept me there.  This was essentially a one sitting read for me.  Everything on hold until I got to the end.  And I think it was worth it.  I really liked the easy, relaxed narrative voice and the premise for the storyline, which was delivered with aplomb.

Another new author to me, and one who I know I will be reading more from.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.



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About the author

After almost a decade working in Human Resources, Megan Matthews decided to reclaim her soul from corporate America and follow her dream of being an author.

She aspired to write that next great American novel. The kind of novel assigned in high school English classes where students are forced to discuss the symbolism of blue curtains as they pertain to 21st century industrialism – or some other BS all English teachers love to discuss for endless class periods (Sorry Dad☺). Her plans quickly went awry when her fingers hit the keyboard and only smut came out. It’s probably better this way.

Now she spends her days crafting stories full of lust and love in every genre she can think of. When the “need to keep things interesting” arises, you can find her typing away at a psychological thriller, happily-ever-after not guaranteed.

When not writing, Matthews occupies her time with her amazing husband and young son at their home in lower Michigan. She tries her hardest not to leave the house if there is snow on the ground, but you can still only buy so much on Amazon. For now.

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