Review – Capering on Glass Bridges by Jessica Hernandez @jessy_marie77

Book & Author Details:

“Capering on Glass Bridges” by Jessica Hernandez

Publication Date: August 21, 2015

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Young Adult



The Utdrendans have spoken. Sixteen-year-old Kaia Stone is amongst the two whom they have named. If she accepts the task presented to her and succeeds, it will be made possible for the accursed Kingdom of Mar to be freed. Although the assignment itself is simple, the path to success is sure to be anything but; not all is as it seems, and forces determined to work against Kaia are gathering—for many will stop at nothing to ensure that Mar remains forever cursed.

Will Kaia choose to abandon the only life she’s ever known—perhaps indefinitely—in pursuit of the greater good…in pursuit of her purpose?


This is a book where the reader is thrust straight into the middle of a fully formed fictional world complete with a full mythology, but with little in the way of explanation.  There’s no easing in; no background or scene setting.  And that’s a little disconcerting at first.

However, once I got further into the book, I became more involved with the story and its characters.  The descriptions of the locations and the side characters is colourful and detailed and on the whole, the tale is presented well by the author.  Clearly, she has a fertile and vivid imagination which is ably brought to life within the pages of this novel.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.



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About the author

Jessica HernandezJessica Hernandez was born and raised in the beautifully sunny state of Florida. She attended the University of Miami, where she spent more time than she cares to admit daydreaming of a faraway land called Acu. Upon graduating with a degree in English and Political Science in 2014, Jessica put pen to paper and brought Acu to life—so was born “Capering on Glass Bridges.” Currently, Jessica is working on a second novel.

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