Review – ShadowRay (Volume #1) by Michael J. Tyger @MichaelJTyger @wordslingerpub

Shadow Ray

Most people who have nightmares don’t find themselves in the middle of a park when they wake up. Runa Walker does; if she sleeps at all.With a restless insomnia due to her fear of sleepwalking, Runa has to keep herself busy most of the night. Living above a small bookstore certainly helps. Reading is one of her favorite pastimes, after all. Sometimes she looks out from her bay window seat and observes the odd people who inhabit the little town she grew up in. She especially likes to watch for the members of a secret ladies’ book club who are always up to something. Runa prefers to remain in the shadows. She goes to her job as veterinary assistant. She visits her mom on the other side of town. She recently started dating a guy named Brian but, he works a lot. Her best friend, whose parents own the bookstore, is away at college.

She doesn’t talk to too many people since her father was killed in a terrible airplane accident. But one night, her ‘condition’ pulls her directly into the spotlight and changes everything. Runa Walker will learn the secrets of the ladies’ book club,the little town she grew up in and possibly even something disturbing about herself.


I’m sad to say that this book was a massive disappointment for me, because the synopsis promised so much, and the reviews appeared positive.

Once again, I am left wondering if I am reading a different book.  I felt that the narrative bounced around all over the place.  The story was often told from differing perspectives, which, given the writing style made it difficult to follow.

I simply couldn’t get a handle on Runa, her motivation or her relationship with Brian at all.  I didn’t feel that her character was consistent and struggled to make any kind of connection with her, or any involvement in the novel.

Sadly, this book is just not for me.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.



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About the author

Michael J Tyger was born in Canton, Ohio. His love of writing has always been the driving force in his life and creative pursuits. His influences include Fantasy, History and the Unknown. His goal is to develop his writing in what he calls Literary Urban Fantasy.

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