Review – Remote Resort by Roselynn Randerod

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Lila is on the run, desperate to escape her controlling husband and his gilded cage of wealth and privilege. At the end of her rope, she stumbles upon the unexpected sanctuary of a mountaintop resort whose offerings go far beyond typical spa treatments.
Wealthy guests visit the Xanadu to have their every wish fulfilled by its oh-so discrete staff, and what happens at the remote resort stays at the remote resort, right? It’s the perfect place to act out your wildest fantasies.
It’s also the perfect place to hide.

A beautiful runaway wife.
A ruthless, powerful billionaire.
A mountaintop pleasure dome.

In a world where everything is for sale and everyone has their price, just how far will Lila go to be free?


You know, there is a reasonable storyline under all the sex scenes.  Now, I enjoy reading an erotic novel as much as the next, but for me, some of the sex scenes were simply gratuitous, and didn’t take the story any further forward – almost as if the author just threw in some extra titillation for the sake of it.  And if I’m completely honest, this distracted me from the plot somewhat.

That said, I liked the characters.  I enjoyed their various interactions.  I even thought that the ending was well worked, even though it is a huge cliff hanger.  I await book 2 in the series with interest.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.



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About the author

Roselynn Randerod writes character-driven erotic romance. Happily married to her lucky husband, her hobbies include wine-tasting, psychology, tribology, and mixology.

“All I really have going for me is sarcasm, a nice rack, good eyebrows, and a serious case of Resting Bitch Face.” Roselynn Randerod

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