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Book & Author Details:

Clarity 5: Loving Liam by Loretta Lost
Publication date: April 26th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense


Happily ever after isn’t always easy…

Helen and Liam are engaged to be married and their relationship is stronger than ever. But when Helen encourages the young doctor to mend fences with his estranged family before the wedding, she unintentionally opens a dangerous can of worms.

A devastating secret from Liam’s past emerges, threatening to tear him apart. The horrors of his family skeletons make him feel that it is a huge mistake to try to start a new family with Helen. Unable to cope, he pushes everyone away, including his fiancée and even his best friend Owen.

Now Helen must do all she can to save the man who has saved her so many times. Liam has put himself on the line to help her heal in the past, and she hopes to do the same—if she can even get close enough to try…



“Liam,” I whisper against his shoulder as we lie in the grass. “Is there anything that could make you change your mind about marrying me tomorrow?”

“Nothing at all. Not even if you were born a man. I would just thank the doctor who constructed your female parts, because he’s obviously a genius.”

“I’m serious, Liam. I’ve done something—something I’m not proud of. I don’t know if you’re going to be able to forgive me.”

“Helen,” he says with a smile. “You’re taking advantage of the fact that I’m drunk right now and there’s a good chance I won’t remember any of this in the morning. That’s not fair. You’re supposed to be taking advantage of my body and making love to me under the stars.”

Sliding my hand over his chest, I sigh. “Maybe. But something’s going to happen tomorrow; something that could change everything.

“Our marriage? Yes, it will change everything.”

“No,” I tell him softly, “something else.”

“My love, this is not the time for fear and doubts. I am feeling really good, buzzed on fine champagne, and high on life. I assure you that there is nothing on the planet that could prevent me from marrying you.”

“What about off the planet?” I ask with a nervous smile.

“Let’s see. There aren’t any sexy girls at the International Space Station, but if we take into account all the potential alien species out there—I guess there could be a devastatingly beautiful green female with the power to tempt me away from you. As an ophthalmologist, I do find six eyes way hotter than two.” Liam’s hand has been moving up and down my side, but now it slides down to cup my bottom and gently squeeze. “You’ll just have to give me a really good reason to stay here on Earth, won’t you?”

“What would make you want to stay?” I ask as I wrap my leg around him and snuggle closer.

“Hmmm,” he says thoughtfully. “It might begin to convince me if you’d take off this tantalizing red dress, and let me taste every inch of you.” His hand moves to my back and grasps the top of my zipper and slowly slides it down to release the fabric from around my body.

The cool night breeze wafts over my exposed skin, and I shiver slightly. “Well, if that’s what it will take… I’ll do anything to keep you interested.”

“You Earth girls are so eager to please,” Liam says huskily as he fumbles to unclasp my bra. “Only two breasts instead of three or four? Not that interesting. Can you make it up to me by being a really bad girl?”

“I’ll try my best,” I say softly, slipping my dress off and moving to straddle him. I haven’t had too much to drink, but it seems to have been just enough wine to make me tingly and warm on the inside, and to make this ridiculous little role play feel ridiculously sexy.

Liam moves his hands up to knead and massage my breasts until I moan. “You’re so spoiled, with all your water, and oxygen, and… trees. I should teach you a lesson,” he says, as a mischievous smile settles on his lips.

I smile too, and can’t help but think to myself, I’m marrying this goofball.

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About the author

Loretta Lost is a USA Today bestselling author who writes stories where very bad things happen to good people. Mystery, tragedy, and danger complicate her unique romances between characters who will do anything to protect each other.

In the two days of summer that she gets in Canada, she grows a garden of the hottest peppers in the world. She loves using these peppers to torture her guests and challenge their manhood. This could be why she isn’t married.

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