Author Spotlight – Lisette Kristensen @ev1250

Book & Author Details:

Unveiling Facade by Lisette Kristensen
BDSM, Erotica
Published February 28, 2016

facade.jpgOne man, rich and worldly, pushed Jocelyn into a life of insecurity and worthlessness. She had become a shell of herself. Until her girlfriend, Beth dragged her to a surprise party. It was that night, where Jocelyn took her first steps down a path of redemption. Discovering the dark hedonism within her would be her salvation. This is the beginning of the Dark Desire series. Where women trapped in a web of flaws, break free once they release the dark wickedness within them.


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What inspires me to write?

Writing takes inspiration.  Like all art forms there has to be something that stirs the passion to want to sit for hours writing, editing and revising and still have that personal editor sitting on your shoulder telling you it’s still not good enough.

It’s inspiration that pushes us past all of that insecurity and self doubt. Where do I find mine? Three places.

The first is my genre itself. Erotica/BDSM by itself is inspirational in the wide range of stories I can dive into.  It is one of the few genres where you can write a mystery, paranormal, romance (regardless of time period) or fantasy and have erotica as the foundation.   It also opens the door to choices. I can make the erotica the main thread or as a backdrop to the mystery or paranormal adventure.  My inspiration isn’t pigeon hold, I can go anywhere with it.

Second piece of inspiration is in the books I read.  It doesn’t matter the genre, in reading other author’s and seeing their magic come alive, fuels my own desire to create a story. It could be any element, wordsmith, characterization, the story telling that sparks that inspiration to write.

Lastly, the readers. When I finished my short story, Unveiling Façade, I looked at it as a stand alone. Done. Then the reviews on Amazon popped up, and several implied there would be more. Shortly after that I got emails about a sequel. Up to then I hadn’t given it a thought. I had moved on to other ideas but the more I listened to the readers, I got inspired to continue the story.

While the three above mentioned areas are my got to places for inspiration, it can come from anywhere. I am fond of asking this question to any event around me, “What if”.  By applying a what if to events real un unreal, it opens the door to some great inspiration and story ideas.  When I wrote, Unveiling Facade, it wasn’t so much about a women going to a “Eyes Wide Shut” style of place for a party. The “what if” that inspired me was the idea of her starting her journey of overcoming her fears through a carnal darkness that awoken within her.

In the end, inspiration comes from within, but the world around us, gives us ample inspiration in its own right.

About the author

Lisette grew up in a home full of artistic types. Her brothers became professionals in painting and photography, while her father worked in TV and film. Reading had been a passion of hers, mostly historical fiction. It wasn’t until her father left laying around (bathroom no less) a trashy Nazi BDSM magazine that her desire to write kicked in. That moment changed her life and she dove headlong into the world of depraved/deviant erotica.

It took years before Lisette could put those stories that rambled in her darkest corridors to paper. Unveiling Facade is her first of many yet to come.

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