Blog tour- The Last Roadshow by John Czarnota @JohnCzarnota @BookBearTweets

Book & Author Details:

The Last Roadshow by John Czarnota
Publication date: May 17th 2015
Genres: Crime, Thriller



Joe Knocker’s lucrative career as a rogue art thief who trailed the Antiques Roadshow for over a decade is interrupted by a life-changing encounter with his past. The result, a cross-country trek to make right one of the nation’s wrongs by retrieving a national treasure, leads to a heart attack, a missing body, a kidnapping, a promising romance, a showdown, and a shocking reunion. Interweaving historical fact with psychological insight and colorful characters, The Last Roadshow takes us on an unforgettable redemptive journey.


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About the author

John Czarnota – first generation American born in Brooklyn, but calls Kansas City home, had numerous entrepreneurial ventures over the years that allowed him to pursue the arts with the same passion. Besides developing a new form in painting, he has written songs, screenplays, and now at age 70, his first novel.

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