Spotlight & #giveaway – Taming the Whirlwind by L M Heidle @LMHeidle


Taming the Whirlwind

Liz is slowly accomplishing her goals:

  1. Get out of her small town- CHECK
  2. Graduate College- CHECK
  3. Move to New York- CHECK
  4. Get a job- working on it
  5. Find drama- WAIT! NO!

Finding drama was NOT on her to-do list, but apparently life didn’t get the memo, because it threw her one heck of a curveball. What curveball you ask? It’s not a what, but a who and that who would be Mr. Kade Ian Parker. The tattooed, short-tempered, sexier than should be allowed businessman, has turned her world more than upside down. He obliterated it. Her life has turned into something that even a soap opera writer couldn’t come up with.

Kade never wanted to find love. He saw how his family crumbled after his mom left; there was no way he was going to be crushed by another woman. No one had come close to making him want more, until her. No matter how hard he fought his attraction and oh did he try. Hell, he basically pushed her into another man’s arms, nothing changed.  He. Still. Wanted. Her.


Taming the Whirlwind is a book about following your dreams and along the way finding a love that you can’t ignore, even if you want to. Elizabeth is like a lot of people from small towns, just waiting to graduate to move on to bigger and better things. For Liz that means graduating from the University of Kansas and moving to New York City. Sometimes life doesn’t just give you bigger and better things, but aggravating and insane. This aggravating and insanity comes from the one and only Kade Parker.

She meets Kade through work and there is instant attraction, but there is also instant red flags flying. She wants to focus on the career she worked so hard for, but like most women she also wants love. Throughout the book you experience what could only be described as a love life fit for a soap opera. Not only does she have to experience Kade’s emotional whip last, but there’s also a reemergence of an ex-boyfriend. An ex-boyfriend, Brenton who wouldn’t put her on the emotional roller coaster that Kade’s determined to keep her on. Simple and uncomplicated would be amazing, if only she could get rid of the butterflies swarming in her stomach whenever she’s around Kade.

As if juggling Kade and Brenton weren’t enough of a headache, let’s add Andrew to the mix. Andrew is a villain disguised as an angel, or as close to angel as a good looking bachelor in New York can be. She ignores the inkling that something isn’t quite right about him, because she’s hurt over Kade pushing her away . . . again and the letdown that some relationships are better left in the past. The closer she gets to him the more she feels like a pawn in a game she doesn’t understand and when she finally does, she understands in a big way.

Finally, in the end Kade and Liz push aside tempers that rival each other, insecurities, and jealousy to find out that sometimes uncomplicated and simple can be overrated. Love isn’t supposed to be easy, Kade and Liz’s love proves that. As complicated and hair pulling as their relationship is, there’s no denying that they’re it for each other. Sometimes love is worth the heartache and the fights . . .

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About the author

Portrait2WebAbout me? Hmm . . . I hate this part. It kind of makes me feel like I’m answering questions for a dating service, but here you go. . .

I’ve spent most of my life in one part or another of Missouri. The last four years, through my husband’s career, I’ve gotten to live in Texas and Georgia.

My husband and I have been married for eleven years. We have two beautiful boys, who will most likely drive me to insanity before they’re ten. We have three disgusting snakes (Can you tell it wasn’t my idea?). Now we’ve added a Rat terrier puppy to the crazy mix, who is beyond spoiled, but at least I get to dress someone in pink.

I’d never planned on being a writer, never even crossed my mind. It started as a way to escape during a difficult time in my life and then I realized how much I loved it. I’d finished my first book and couldn’t wait to start the next one. Now I’m on book four and already have ideas for number five running through my head.

I never thought writing would be more than a hobby, but when I was given the opportunity to publish, I decided to take it. Who knows where the future will lead, maybe I’ll sell one book or a thousand, but at least I fought my fear of the unknown and tried.


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