New release & Review – Stolen Innocents by Addison Kline @AddisonKline1


TITLE: Stolen Innocents

AUTHOR: Addison Kline

GENRE: Mystery / Romantic Suspense


Everybody in Elkhart has a secret and if they say they don’t, they’re lying.

Three years have passed since Tristan Morrow returned home after her harrowing kidnapping ordeal with her former English teacher, Bernard Kendricks. A sense of peace has taken over the Morrow Manor, but it will not last forever.

A killer of women is on the loose in Elkhart and has already claimed the lives of two young women.

Will DiNolfo and her officers catch the killer before a third victim is claimed?

When their three main suspects turn out to be innocent, the Elkhart Police Department is at a loss until a citizen comes forward with some crucial information: Tristan Morrow knows who is responsible for the murders. But does the information come too late? And how does this relate to the murder case of Tiffany O’Mara?

Tristan soon learns that not even the dead can keep their secrets buried forever.


First things first.  Although the storyline for this book is contained within this story, it is the second book in the series.  And, given the huge number of characters and their complicated familial ties, I suspect that this book would be significantly easier to follow if you read book 1.  As I hadn’t, this made the story somewhat confusing in places, and I struggled to feel any real connection with any of them.

That aside, the underlying  thread of the story was involving and had plenty of twists.  The pacing was good, and the tension and action definitely cranked up significantly in the last few chapters.

Overall, a diverting way to spend a few hours.



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About the author

addisonAddison Kline is an award winning, best selling novelist who writes mystery, psychological thrillers and romantic suspense novels. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, their sons and two rambunctious dogs.

Addison has had a love affair with the written word since before she entered school. Her grandmother taught her the glory of taking an adventure in the pages of a book. When Addison isn’t writing, you can find her reading, going for an adventure with her sons, or traveling with her family.

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