Review- Finding Bliss by Cassie Strickland @CasStrickland

Book & Author Details:

Finding Bliss by Cassie Strickland
(The Bliss Series, #1)
Publication date: September 18th 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance



One phone call was all it took. A voice on the answering machine, a man oblivious to what calling me would do, uprooted my entire existence. He revived old hurts, dug up past nightmares. He destroyed everything I’d built for myself.
But I found bliss through Grey, in Grey.


I had no idea that making a simple phone call, one that devastated me because of the reasons behind it, would make me question my truths, my friendships, everything I held dear in my little town. Calling her was the best and worst decision I’d ever made, but it brought her to me, to Bliss.
And I could never take that back.

Finding Bliss is a story about redemption, of love, of finding true, irrevocable bliss. It’s about new beginnings and the heights you can attain during them.

Not intended for readers under the age of eighteen due to language and sexual situations.


Footsteps sounded on the stairs, gaining our attention. A man powered down them rapidly, heading straight for us.

Oh, dear Lord, I was in La-La-Land.

There was no way a man like this existed. He was, quite simply, spell-binding.

His hair was dark and shaggy, his lips curled into a smile, but his eyes were what had me completely immobile. They were tawny and flecked with brilliant shades of gold, making them appear almost liquid. Lush, long black lashes fanned them, and if it wasn’t for his rugged apparel – jeans, flannel shirt, and work boots – I would have thought they were fake. His brows were thick and heavy with dark hair. They accentuated his eyes in a way that made them scream at you.

I’d never, in all my life, seen a man this perfect. It was very intimidating and off putting. And I wasn’t one to take looks into consideration.

“Told you it was gorgeous in here,” Shelley whispered to me conspiratorially.

The man came to a halt in front of Shelley and me, grinning widely. He even had dimples.


“Clarabelle, finally! I’ve seen pictures of you as a kid…but wow!” His gaze traveled over my face as he held out his hand. His gorgeous eyes went a little funny, but they changed back to normal quickly – it happened so fast, I’d almost missed it. “I’m Grey.”

This was the voice?!

This is Grey?!



If you read other reviews for this book, you will see that they comment that the blurb doesn’t give anything away.  They’re right.  It doesn’t.

The blurb gives no hint of the depth of this book.  It’s almost a mis-direction.

This story is much more than I expected.  It deals with issues which are unpleasant,and yet it does it in a way which is not gory, not embelished, just necessary.  And despite this, the author has a light, deft touch which simply envelops the reader within the story, within the lives of the characters.

And the final chapter, which so often feels like a rushed ending was, in this instance, ideally suited for this wonderful tale of love and family.



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About the author

CassieCassie Strickland lives in East Texas with her husband, her daughter, and her Jack Russell terrier. With the support of her family and friends, she recently changed her career path to something new and exciting, something she loves to do – writing.

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