Review – Unearthed by Robert J Crane @robertjcrane

unearthedWARNING: Due to extremely disturbing content, this book is intended for MATURE READERS ONLY.

The town of Midian, Tennessee is spiraling straight to hell. Demons haunt the streets, people are dying by the hundreds, and the only defenders of the innocent townsfolk have been driven into hiding by a sheriff who doesn’t know what he’s dealing with.

Enter Katlin “Kitty” Elizabeth – demon royalty and a Duchess on a mission. Kitty comes to town with one purpose in mind: to dig up an ancient artifact that even most of the demon world doesn’t want to see the light of day. But here in the rising heart of chaos, secrets begin to come to light even as an improbable alliance begins to form – though it’s anyone’s guess as to whether it’ll be too little, too late when it comes to saving Midian…


Just when you thought you had erased the disturbing images left from the previous books in this series, Robert pulls a real peach out of the bag.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, said peach is rotten and disgusting to its very core.

Enter Kitty.  A bad ass demon in the shell of a lady.  Evil is as evil does. And she does some very very evil things indeed.  I’m not gonna spoil your fun.  But she is one sick, twisted individual.

But don’t think the story is just about her.  Oh no. The threads that hold Midian together are unravelling. In a very visible manner.

And yet, beyond the hell threatening to unleash on Midian, it is once again the human story which so involves the reader. The secrets which are slowly being uncovered. The past which is being revealed.  And despite the  amount of brain bleach required, and google searches for dubious terminology (no images!), it’s the characters who will draw me back to the next book.



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