Review – The Devil at Play by Marcus Damanda @MARCUSDAMANDA @KRISTAAMES

Devil at play

the blurb

“Everyone loves the devil until they know him. Until they see him for what he really is.”

Nobody ever did, even as the bodies started to pile up.

But now, too late for it to matter, Audrey understands at last. The devil of Fairview has been courting her for days, and watching her for much longer than that. The murderer is her boyfriend—and he’s been killing on her behalf.

His name is Jack Maddox, but everyone calls him Mad Jack. He’s planning a party, where everyone is invited, especially Audrey’s tormentors—especially the Facebook Fifteen.

Audrey will have her revenge, whether she wants it or not.

Because, in Miss Drake’s class, the devil will have his due.



What an ending to this story.  Short, sharp and deliciously dark.

I really worried for Audrey, as Jack’s plan wasn’t obvious.  But whereas the previous tales were about the planning, this one is all about the execution.  Literally.

This final volume of the story grabs the reader by the scruff of the neck and hauls you along for the ride.  And at the end, leaves you with a light of hope for more for Audrey.  A feeling that this time, she may just be ok.

I found this to be a satisfying ending to the trilogy. No bottling out.  No white washing.  Just the ending that the story deserved.



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