Authors you may have missed #4 Sarra Cannon @sarramaria

Now I know that all of you who read my blog semi-regularly, know that I have genres I like.  Fantasy/paranormal;  Romance;  YA.  Simple?  So imagine how happy I was with an author who has books which fit in all of the above??  Yep, happy as a pig in the proverbial!

I first came across Sarra’s Peachville Demons books.  All the usual High School drama and angst, but with cheerleaders, demons, witches, covens and general world domination.  You know, the usual.  The first 3 books in the series are available as a box set for very little money (link below), and generally hooked me.  The story was, as with all of Sarra’s books, focussed and well written, and the ending?? Well.  I’m not just going to give it away, now, am I??

So after reading these books, I looked for what else she had written and came across the Fairhope books.  Definitely NOT High School angst.  These books deal with deeper, more adult themes, but not in a massively explicit way.  As Sarra explains on her blog ( The Trouble With Goodbye, dealing with a survivor of a rape, is for her, a personal story.  It is powerful and touching, and at the same time you feel the frustration Leigh Ann feels at having to come back to Fairhope, no longer the person she was when she left.  

But what if you like a good zombie tale??? Well, she’s got that covered, and you know what?? It’s a great story too!!

Oh, and because I’m so good to you, I’m letting you know about Sarra just before she releases her new serialised story, Sacrifice me.  First 2 episodes are out on 12th May.  Recommended for ages 16+

Needless to say, I’m a big fan.  Sarra is great at interacting with her fans, be it on her Facebook page or via twitter.  A word of warning….. if you are offended by Hello Kitty, some of the photos may cause distress.  You have been warned!!

You can get hold of Sarra on twitter ( or on Facebook (

There’s something here for everyone.  Unless you like manuals showing you how to fix a car engine.  In which case, probably not the book you’re looking for.  Move along……


  1. Her books sound awesome and i love that you highlight authors books who may have been missed! Great blog, Jo!:)


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