Authors you may have missed #3 Bria Quinlan @briaquinlan

You may not have guessed, but I am back from holiday.  It’s raining and gloomy outside, so I thought I would cheer myself up by letting you know about another one of my fave authors.

For Bria, writing under one name is simply not enough….oh no!  She also releases books under the name of Caitie Quinn, but regardless of the name on the front cover, the books are all the same – well written, excellent reads.

As is often the way, I came across Bria’s work by accident, this time through another writer.  I’m fairly sure that I downloaded her books out of order, as I started with Wreckless, which is a gorgeous story of young love, betrayal and peer pressure.  I simply loved it, so I downloaded Secret Girlfriend and Secret Lives.  These are YA novels, but I commend them to anyone who loves a story of hope.

Its true to say that, particularly with Secret Lives, Bria doesnt shy away from some difficult topics.  Her stories were touching and well observed.  I was moved to email her, and I like to think that we have become friends since.  In fact, I’m not sure that I would be writing a blog at all, but for her.  #IblameBria

The books by Caitie (Bria) are also just as good, and though involving adults, they are the same delicious stories that suck you in to the romance.

Bria can be contacted on twitter (@briaquinlan) or on her website  If you are an aspiring author, I commend her excellent indie panel blog which provided some useful information and guidance from best selling authors.  Have a look at the panel here….

Get a little love in your life and download one of her books!



  1. Bria’s books are def. in my TBR pile–i keep hearing amazing things! Plus i just adore her:)


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