Authors you may have missed #2 SM Reine @smreine

I start with a confession of sorts.  I’m STILL on holiday!  (though we fly back home tomorrow… boo!).  So this blog is being written in the shadow of Blackcomb Mountain; the sun is out, the sky is very blue, and I’m not skiing because I dropped something on my foot and it is interesting shades of purple and black at the moment!

Anyhow, enough about me!  This is the second in my series of attempts to get you hooked on authors whose books I adore.  The first one was about Robert J Crane.  Did you read it?  No?  Well maybe when you’ve done with this one, you can have a quick peek OK?

So, SM Reine…. she is by no means an unknown indie author.  She is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author – and for good reason.  

As is often the way, I came across Sara’s books by accident – a gentle nudge in her direction from my ereader.  As the books I was looking at were free, as is often the case, I thought… “why not??”  I downloaded the first book in the Seasons of the Moon series.  Instantly hooked.  Downloaded the next one, and really, just kept going!

There are several series for you to chose from.  Seasons of the Moon (4 books); The Cain Chronicles (6 books), The Descent series (7 books); The Ascension series (5 books so far); Preternatural Affairs (2 books so far) & the newest one (which has a few more sexy shennanigans in it) The Tarot Witches (1 books so far).  I could set out the reading order here, but Sara does it much better (and with a flow chart!) on her website

Imagine if you will, a story with a fully formed set of characters and locations right here in the regular world.  Then add Hell; and Eden; and Heaven; oh,and another location too, but I don’t want to give everything away…. add in Angels, demons, witches; humans; and an assorted cast of other creatures and beings and you may begin to get a teeny idea of just how vast this world is that she has created.  

The depth of the story lines and the nature of the interweaving is jaw dropping.  Every now and then, I’ll be reading one of the books and have a lightbulb moment, when that book explains something which may have been a bit unclear from another story (for me anyway).  

Elise Kavanagh and Rylie Gresham are both kick ass heroines in their own way.  Do I wish things worked out differently for them (read the books, you’ll see what I mean)… of course.  And James…. well, I trust that Sara will resolve his …. issues…..

I can’t do blurbs or explain any more.  I just won’t do it justice.  I will just have to suggest that you try her books for yourself.  I have a werewolf/demon problem.  SM Reine enables it.  ‘Nuff said.

Click on a book link…. I dare you!

Sara can be reached on twitter (@smreine) or on Facebook (


Tarot Witches #1 is only available as part of a box set at the moment, but will be released as a standalone in the future.  The box set is DEFINITELY for adults only due to the mature subject matter!


  1. Great post on one of my favorite authors. I’ve royally screwed up the reading order. It’s because she writes so darn fast. I try to go back and pick up where I left off with the previous series and then she has another new book out that I HAVE to read. 😉


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